wasp nest removal treatment

Wasp Varieties

wasp varieties

There are two main varieties of wasps in the UK that sting people, and if you have a wasp nest of any of these on your property it’s highly advisable to have the nests removed, as there is the possibility of an allergic or shock reaction should a person suffer a wasp sting.

The Paper Wasp
The least likely to sting a person, the Paper Wasp has the least toxic sting of UK wasps, and will generally leave you alone, as long as you don’t bother them. It’s still wise to keep your distance from these, though.
The Yellow Jacket Wasp
Pretty anti-social, the Yellow Jacket is easily riled, and are the most problematic due to their tendency to make nests in close proximity to human contact, such as holes in the ground, rock crevices, and rotten tree stumps.